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Your 1 stop shop for complete actor branding packages.

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Animation Reel
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Commercial Reel
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Acting Reels 

Catered to your the specific types you wish to portray, we will collaborate with you to create scenes that highlight your strengths as an actor and teach the industry how to see you. Book with a friend and pay half price, or leave it to us to hire a professional actor to elevate your scene for full price. See pricing page for more details. Book your acting reels now! 

Short Films

Want more than a clip or two? We will produce a whole short film with you as the star, and you can take clips from any portion. Come to us with several actors and we will come up with a script to feature everyone, and you can split the cost. Book your short film now! 


Headshots are available as a one-off service, however more valuable when taken in tandem with your scenes to create marketing materials that all MATCH. This way you have a cohesive set of headshots and scenes that teach the industry your type and roles. See pricing page for options.

VO Reels 

Record in studio with us and a professional sound engineer to help you record, or record at your own studio. We will take your files and engineer them to a professional level with sound editing and music score. Price includes up to 1 minute.

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Pitch Pages

This one pager outlines all you bring to the table as an actor and can be used as a stand out tool when you are pitching yourself to agents and managers to show that you know where you fit in and have put the work into your career. 



We will help your brand shine through in your website. Send us your marketing materials and what you'd like included and we will create a stunning, branded website unique to you. Price includes building the website. Purchasing a domain and web hosting is an additional cost. 

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Image by Malte Helmhold

Resume Help 

Need help with formatting or proper wording and etiquette? Scenely has got you covered. We will work with you to create a professionally laid out, easy to read resume that will impress its recipients! 


We consult on all aspects of the industry -networking, managing your time and contacts, audition techniques, organization, growing your social media, earning income, creating your own work, how to book more roles, approaching reps, branding, marketing and more. Sessions will take place over zoom and last 30 min. Package deals are available at 5 for $200 (save $50). 

Online Class

Acting Coaching 

For clients who are shooting scenes with us, we offer acting coaching to help you prepare for a polished performance. We work with coach Camillia Monet, a seasoned actress and acting coach and teacher. Sessions take place on zoom.


Have clips, but need help putting your footage together? We can help! If you need footage pulled from streaming services or would like help deciding which clips serve you best, consider booking a consulting session along with editing. If you know what you want, send us your clips and we will return them in a polished, and well-flowing reel. 

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